Daily Post – Lost in the Details

Last summer I was in the garden looking for some interesting shots for a previous theme, I think the theme was green.  I spotted these two in my willow obelisk, in amongst all the wood they nearly got lost in the detail!


I am hoping to post some more shades of spring soon, well indoor spring anyway as I have a couple of Orchids in bud!

See if you can spot the detail in these:-

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Travel Theme – Bridges.

This weeks travel theme from Where’s my Backpack is bridges.  Bridges are not just a means to getting to a place, they can provide a view or be the view and there are an infinite variety of styles. There are famous bridges, little wooden bridges, stone bridges, iron bridges, covered bridges, small bridges or bridges spanning miles of river, here are a few from my collection.

DSCN0361 DSCN1334 DSCN1509 DSCN1412DSCN0044

If you hover above the photos you will be able to see where they were taken. I think my favourite is the one of my nephew in the park, I love the curves and the shadows they have created.


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Travel theme – Mountains.

Ailsa’s theme this week is mountains.  One of my favourite places to go but recently I haven’t visited any mountains for the last couple of years in favour of hot holidays, here are some photos of where I have been.

Scan 130490001

Bad Gastein, Austria.  The Hotel was high above the town offering probably one of the best breakfast room views I have ever seen. Scenes on the local Casino appear in one of the old James Bond films that starred  Sean Connery.

Scan 130490004

Les Deux Alpes, France. The top of the mountain.

Scan 130490000

Schladming, Austria. I loved the town with it’s traditional domed church.

Scan 130490005

Tignes, France.

Steinplatter, Austria

The Steinplatter, Austria.  Like going into the wilderness. We caught the lift up, it takes you over the edge of the mountains and on the other side you can’t see any villages or towns.

I have been to Austria a few times now, the attraction is finding resorts that are real towns and the fabulous food – mainly the puddings!

Check out more Mountain views at Where’s my backpack?




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Daily Prompt – Cupids Arrow.

I used to write a lot of poetry up until  a few years ago.  I saw the daily prompt and found an old one out that I thought was suitable for the occasion!  As part of my fashion course we did a study on Pop Art, one of my favourite paintings at the time was ‘We rose up slowly’ by Roy Lichtenstein, the original already has text beside it and I thought I would write my own interpretation.

We rose up slowly ……………………….

We rose up slowly
like sirens from the sea,
the secret of our kiss
left behind us in the deep.

Out of sight of others
water all around
your lips found mine and
touched without a sound.

And so we swim back,
to the golden shore
like we’d never touched before.

I am not sure of the quality, but I liked it at the time and I didn’t give in to the temptation to re-write it now!

Visit the Daily Prompt for more prose!


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Travel Theme – Gaudy

Ailsa from Where’s my back pack? Has a great travel theme this week, Gaudy! Just the thing to brighten up the gloom.  Since the snow thawed out we have had rain and gloom, not very inspiring for photos so I am raiding the archives for something brighter!


Like this field of Rapeseed, I remember the fields before the farmers started growing this crop. The colours were either the green unripe crops, the golden wheat or the muddy ploughed fields. The addition of this bright yellow crop makes the countryside gaudy!


Splendidly gaudy Azaleas and Rhododendrons along a pathway at Leonardslee Gardens in West Sussex.

This contribution to Ailsa’s theme is superbly gaudy!






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Daily Post Challenge – Unique

Lots of my photo’s that I have used in previous posts I would describe as unique – or at the very least interesting – or I wouldn’t have taken them!

I found this feature designed by my husband in a clients garden. There was a mass of untidy hedging that couldn’t be made to look like a circle or a rectangle so he made an abstract sculpture with it.


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Travel Theme – Walls.

Ailsa from Where’s my backpack?   travel theme this week is walls. I like a good wall! I love sculpture so I am always interested in the texture and shapes of the stone, also they are a great place to display things!


Walls of interest. I went to a 16th century mill in the local area that has been converted into a Pub and spotted this interesting wall by the stairs.


A wall of icicles in Broadway, Worcestershire.


In Cleevedon, near Bristol I saw this Victorian water fountain built into the wall by the roadside.


What’s behind the wall?  My husband and I spotted this house in Boston city I love the Japanese look of the wall and gate.

For one of the other travel themes, Multiples I took a couple of pictures of a carefully crafted Cotswold drystone wall. Click here to take a look.


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